God Money & Me Discovery Workshop

This powerful 3 hour recording of the live workshop done in California is a great compliment to the full day God, Money & Me live event or recording. It can also be used as stand alone. Take a deep dive into discovering your real beliefs and core values around money. Includes lots of practical applications and exercises 

God, Health & Me Discovery Course
God wants you to be healthy. Science proves it. The words you speak and even the thoughts you have profoundly affect your health. Your body never lies; understand what it’s telling you. Develop a mindset of health & understand the spiritual laws of healing.
God, Money & Me Discovery Course
Brenda’s Triple Crown Prosperity Plan™ shows how our unique brain wiring combined with our spiritual wiring can put us into action for a life lived full out.
Journal Template

Build your journal and you life by design with this template.  Page by page description of the journal layout Brenda uses to manifest her (and her clients) goals, dreams and desires quickly!

Jump Start Your Success

Jump Start YOUR Success
You will want to listen over and over to this powerful 5 part audio series to catapult your success. In this series you will learn and apply the success secrets, systems and strategies to manifest your dreams, goals and desires quickly. You will finish the 5 day series with a new habit of having a morning spiritual success practice. Includes Brenda's personal morning spiritual practice outline and journaling system loved by so many.

Motivate Me Monday

One Year Membership includes weekly 30 minute calls/webinars.

Start your Monday mornings motivated and make every week your best! Every week Success and Business Coach Brenda Byers delivers a 30 minute high octane inspiration filled call.  Each call is packed with relevant teachings from science and scripture and practical application to make your business and income soar.  Grab your favorite morning drink and get fired up! Receive the replays so you can enjoy listening again anytime you need a dose of inspiration.  Great for kids and teens too.  


Resurrect Spirit & Business

Resurrect your spirit and your business with this 7 part audio series.  Recorded live. Includes powerful teachings, prayers & guided mediations

Think, Feel & Speak Your way to Health and Prosperity

Understand how to harness the physiology behind your words, emotions and actions to get results.  You will be inspired, empowered and leave with practical, scientifically proven stragegies to eliminate worry, leverage time and create wealth.

Video - Partner with God in Business
Can God be the CEO of your business? Discover how to stop endless juggling, living a compartmentalized life and live the authentic you! Learn to enjoy faith/work congruency for a profitable business, empowered organization and a thriving community. Learn practical strategies to live out the desires of your heart, earn more and make a powerful contribution in your sphere of influence.